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We are a group of young people with an interest in disability issues, generally between the ages of 14-25. Supported by the NCC Youth,Community & Play Disability Support Team we have joined togeather as a group to form The Nottinghamshire Pioneers Youth Forum.

Why a Forum?

Young disabled people are often not consulted about the things that effect their lives, such as the activities we do, the places we go,where we live and the services we receive.

We at the forum will give young people a collective voice to express views, explore opportunities and demand the services which they have a right to.
Our Poem

We're the Nottinghamshire Pioneers,
Why not come and join us here?
We're Young People looking for a voice,
But do we really get a choice?
What we want is to have a say,
To have other people see it our way.
We're determined that we will win,
We will fight through thick and thin,
We're lean,mean,and very keen,
We are sure we will be seen.
There's no doubt that we will shout.
But do you know what we're about?

What we will do....

* Share information
* Give Support
* Receive support
* Have social contact
* Get things done
* Make new friends
* Try new things
* Have fun
* Meet in an accessible venue
* Have support workers
* Help with transport.

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Notts Pioneers Youth Forum

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We are based here in the UK, in the County City of Nottingham
A City famous for it's lace, the home of Robin Hood, Nottingham Castle, Brian Clough and much, much more.
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